Dec 30

Don’t retreat. Reload. 12-30-11

For over a year now we’ve been getting together here under the Liberty Tree. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to share my thoughts with you about the important values that make America great: faith, family and freedom. I’m taking a break for now to focus on getting a bigger tree.


Dec 29

Liberals not in Kansas anymore! 12-29-11

One year after the Tea Party rocked politics, we find ourselves asking if it really made any difference. While we demanded steep cuts, Congress barely slowed the rate of growth and is borrowing more than ever. Is there anywhere that Tea Party Principles are actually becoming law? (more…)

Dec 28

Roughing it with the Riffraff on the Big Island 12-28-11

Presidents are entitled to nicer Christmas vacations than the rest of us. After all, they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.  While the Obamas are spending over two weeks together at reclusive beach front homes in Kailua, Nancy Pelosi is stuck roughing it with the riffraff on the Big Island. (more…)

Dec 27

Reid is off his rocker 12-27-11

As the year winds to a close, businesses are trying to figure out how to make next yera a better year. If Democrat Senator Harry Reid gets his way, it’ll be even harder to create jobs in 2012.  He says his tax on millionaires wont affect jobs, but it’s not the first time he’s been a stranger to the truth. (more…)

Dec 26

Bachmann roaring back? 12-26-11

Friday the House and Senate passed a 60 day extension of the defunding of Social Security, which both sides agreed to call a payroll tax cut. It will put about $20 a week in the pockets of 160 million Americans. They also extended unemployment benefits for millions more. (more…)

Dec 23

Merry Christmas 12-23-11

I have a Christmas confession to make. I haven’t really paused to think about what Christmas means because I’ve been so busy trying to get that last minute project out the door at work, get the lights up on the house and pick up those last minute gifts for family and friends. (more…)

Dec 22

PR for the Bridge to nowhere 12-22-11

Tom Coburn of Oklahoma carries a list of spending bills he is blocking in his jacket pocket. In the US Senate, also called the Most Exclusive Club because they are such a closed group, the Republican is infamous for bringing unwanted outside attention to Congress’s profligate spending. (more…)

Dec 21

irresponsible or irrenewtable 12-21-11

Newt Gingrich caused a quite a stir among the establishment by pointing out, during the last debate, that there are tools that Congress and the President have to fight back against a judiciary that seems hell bent on stripping every vestige of our Christian Heritage from public life. (more…)

Dec 20

Her name was Lotus 12-20-11

Last Monday, while those fortunate enough to have a job in Obama’s America were headed off to work, the 99% decided to show their displeasure with corporate greed and economic inequality by closing some of the nations largest Pacific ports. I guess you could call it Occupy Wall Street West. (more…)

Dec 19

Are you perfect? 12-19-11

In 2004 President Bush was asked if he made any mistakes in his first term. Bush indicated that he was certain that he had, but couldn’t think of any on the spot. Liberal’s howled. Last week President Obama was asked a similar question by Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes. (more…)